There was a row of over-grown walnut trees that my dad asked me to remove. He wanted the room to plant something else. I started cutting them down; you can see a couple of them lying on the ground. I thought that it was sad, and so I went and got my easel and captured the trees before I continued chopping the rest down . . .

Oil Pastel Painting

By Anthony Boughen

 Artwork © Anthony Boughen. All rights reserved.

Trees on the farm, Anthony Boughens trees, Boughens dad, Anthony Boughen Walnut, Walnut by Anthony Boughen, Farm by Anthony Boughen, Oil pastels by Anthony Boughen,



$ 275.00 USD

The Original

Medium: Oil Pastels, matted

Dimensions: 12" x 16"

Framed: n/a